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We offer the most cutting edge effective live trainings and products on meeting, dating and having relationships with beautiful women.

Sinn is the World’s most experienced pick up coach having done a bootcamp almost EVERY weekend for the last 4 years!!!! Trained by Mystery of VH1’s the pick up artist he started out as an approach coach during Mystery’s “farewell tour” of 2005. While working with Mystery he was able to meet and work with other dating coaches such as Neil Strauss, Tyler from RSD, Lance Mason from Pickup101 and many more. He was determined to combine all the best teachings from dating coaches around the world into one definitive philosophy of dating.

When Mystery took a break from live training in October of 2005, Sinn became the lead instructor at The Mystery Method, generally considered the premier live training dating company in the world. During his three years at TMM, Sinn came up with several revolutionary programs including the community’s FIRST Day game seminar, the critically acclaimed Breakthrough Comfort, And the infamous Same Night Lays seminar. He taught more than 120 bootcamps across the globe from Los Angeles to Sydney Australia. He also trained a number of instructors including Future, El Topo, Matador, Tenmagnet, Braddock, Ozzie from Real Social Dynamics, Jamie of Charisma Arts, and many more. In fact almost every company has an instructor that was trained by Sinn. Sinn is often the guy that gurus( Even well known ones) go to for help with their game.

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