Rapid Sexual Encounters Program Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes, Jon! I'm ready to enroll in your Rapid Sexual Encounters Coaching Program which will teach me everything I need to know to get hot women into bed FAST and will open up an entire world of sexual options for me!

I understand that this program, beginning on June 28, 2016, consists of the following six online video training sessions:


Training Session #1: The Inner Game Of Rapid Sexual Encounters: The critical mindsets you need to get hot women into bed FAST!


Training Session #2: Sexual Screening: How to identify with 100% certainty the women that you know for a fact want to sleep with you.


Training Session #3: Trust The Touching: Exactly how to touch women to get a rapid sexual encounter.


Training Session #4: Secrets of Rapid Arousal: Both the verbal and physical ways to get hot women so turned on that they’ll want to rip off your clothes and do nasty things to you.


Training Session #5: Secrets of the Sexual Spider Sense: This is the hidden secret that is going to give you the ability to get laid at will wherever and whenever you want.


Training Session #6: Putting It All Together: Using the Rapid Sexual Encounters Formula to get Same Night Lays, Same Days Lays, 10-Minute Lays and more!

Plus, I’ll also get personal coaching from you in the form of two Q and A Calls that will take place throughout the program.

And since I’m responding right away, I also get the following 2 FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: A copy of my best selling Get Laid More Home Study Course rush-shipped to you. A $497.00 value.

  • Bonus #2: A private 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with you in which I’ll be able to discuss my most pressing “sticking points” with you personally. A $250.00 value. (First 12 people only)

Finally, I also understand that the Rapid Sexual Encounters Coaching Program is covered by your No-Risk Guarantee, which allows me to “test-drive” the entire program risk free. If after I go through all six session, I decide that this program is not for me, I’ll simply send an email to [email protected] to cancel my membership and I’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

I get all of this for $245 (or two payments of $165 spread out 30 days apart)

On that basis, I would like to enroll now!

Click Here for 1 Payment of $245

Click Here For 2 Payments of $165 Each


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