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I'll get straight to the point... Let's do business together! I mean, we can make it so easy for you to make serious money that you won’t believe it!

My name is Jon Sinn, and if don't know me yet, I'm the founder of SinnsOf Attraction. To put it simple, I teach guys to achieve their desired success with women. Years ago I started as a loser with women but made my way to one of the best pick up artists in the world.

For the last nearly one decade I've been very active in the dating industry, learned from the best guys out there, slept with hundreds of women, been a pick-up instructor for one of the first dating companies - back then "Mystery Method", taught thousands of guys to pick-up and seduce women... and recently TSB Magazine ranked me as the NUMBER 1 PICK UP ARTIST IN THE WORLD, for the second year in a row. I don't think it's any secret that they put me on top of the list because my system gets BIG results!

It's like getting hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky!

"Can't say enough about Sinn. You are learning from one of the best PUAs on the planet. You just can't get than in other areas of your life. I'll never get hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky or guitar lessons from Eric Clapton... but that's what learning from Sinn was like."


Right now, am running a highly successful, fast growing business, providing guys with the best information humanly possible to help them get the women they crave.

The Affiliate Program That Brings Serious Cash Into Your Business!

I WON'T make you read 10 pages of useless information! I CARE about your time and I'll keep this announcement short and concise.

I am inviting you to join my Elite Affiliate Program, so that we can make money together, and believe it or not, you could make even more money than me.

SinnsOf Attraction is experiencing a fast growing stage and there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales coming into the business each year.

As my affiliate partner I am very generous and offer you great commissions of 50% or more.

That's right you get 50%, 60% or even 100% for some special launch products. And for some products (like my award winning Seduction Roadmap) you get recurrring monthly commisions beyond just the first month. As I said it's an incredibly easy way to make money.

The best part is, if your referals buy ANY Sinns of Attraction Product (even ones you're not promoting) within the sixty days of you sending traffic, you will get a commission. Yes, you read that right. You're getting FREE MONEY for any product purchased by one of your leads.

My products are DVDs, CDs and eBooks downloadable online meant to teach guys how to become more successful with women. A list of products, price and commission you'll find below.

Is This For You?

Well it's for anyone that wants to make money, that's a fact; HOWEVER, there is one important condition that needs to be met if you want to benefit the most out of this affiliate partnership.

You need to have a significant list of prospects, specifically men between 18 and 70, as they are the target audience for these specific programs.

How Does It Work?

bullet It's FAST. Instant, 30 Seconds Start. SIGN UP HERE for the Elite Affiliate Program by Sinns Of Attraction.
bullet It's FREE. There is NO sign up fee, and we won't charge you any money at any point in our relationship.
bullet It's EASY. Once you sign up, you get your exclusive affiliate password to our Affiliate Management Center, which will show you how to set up and running within 5 minutes.
bullet It's SIMPLE. We provide you with pre-written articles, newsletters and banners to help you get started selling, so all you need to do is sent them to your list, insert your links and start earning.
bullet It's SURE. You get paid on time, 30 days after any visitor from your links orders a product. We use Paypal to make our payments.
bullet It's CONFORTABLE. Our affiliate tracking software provided by 1ShoppingCart.comis easy to use and provides real-time statistics on all of your earnings and commissions.

Start Making Money Right Now In Two Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out the Application Form. It takes just minutes!
  2. Within a few minutes, you'll receive a welcome e-mail with your exclusive password to our Affiliate Control Panel, which will show you how to get up and running within 5 minutes!

Here is the list with the products, prices and commissions that are ready for you to earn...

Program Description Cost Commission Percent
Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry A brand new program packed with everything a guy needs to know to become a master at creating explosive chemistry with any woman they’re attracted to, at any time. $39.95 $39.95 100%
Seduction Roadmap A series of live teleseminar sessions in which I broke down my latest innovations in seduction. It teaches guys how to get laid consistently. $77 $38.50 50%
Destination Girlfriend This is a 4 step system that teaches guys to land their dream girlfriend in 30 days or less $97 $58.20 60%
Complete Guide to Day Game A very comprehensive Day Game system that teaches guys everything they could possibly need from meeting women on the street to getting them into bed. $199 $99.50 50%
Breakthrough Comfort A special program that teaches guys a proven formula for getting girls to fall in love with them, even girls that are currently just friends. $197 $98.50 50%
Get Laid More Home Study Course An action-packed six CD course that will take guys inside the minds of the world’s greatest pick-up artists and reveal all their hidden secrets to get laid fast. $497 $248.50 50%


Reasons why you should definitely join my
Elite Affiliate Program:

  1. You partner up with a successful, fast growing and reliable business.
  2. We pay generous commissions, from 50% to even 100% for some special launch products.
  3. We pay you on time, no delays no problems; you get your money as promised.
  4. You'll promote valuable, quality products that produce real results and are sought after by the public.
  5. We provide you with carefully written marketing material for you to copy paste and start making money.
  6. You can easily monitor your daily and monthly sales stats using our simple and intuitive control option.
  7. It's totally free to join, but full of money earning possibilities for you.

I strongly suggest you to give this unique opportunity a try, there is little to no effort for you, yet the rewards are highly satisfying.

Join my Elite Affiliate Program Right Now and get some fresh injections of cash in your business!



Jon Sinn, Sinns Of Attraction