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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women


Attract Beautiful Women

Using Cocky Funny for Attraction

I'm not a fan of just giving you a bunch or tips to attract women without giving you the actual background and know-how to use each tip. So right now, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite tips to attract women, which is the idea of being cocky and funny.

Cocky and funny is the idea of using a superior position for humor with women, being evasive and sarcastic and teasing girls, all of which are good characteristics to have in the attraction phase. It is an attraction tool, which is why we’re listing it in the skills of attraction, because after attraction, it can be kind of grating or irritating, and even if you do it too much in attraction, you will get bad results because it is very glitchy.

Women will like the first time you throw a cocky, funny comment out, will laugh and hit you. The second time they’ll laugh, and the third time they’ll smile, and the fourth time they’ll start to think you’re really lame.

This is one of the great tips to attract women, but you have to use it with care!

So be aware of how much you use it, one or two of these comments sprinkled over 5 - 25 minutes of interaction is more than enough. In fact I only like a couple of the different cocky, funny things too. For example, if a girl asks how me and my friend met, I'll say:

"Well, we were in Mongolia and we were being sold as sex slaves and luckily we got sold to the same madam who operates out of Kentucky, and in our plan to break out to freedom I discovered that we had a lot in common, and we were really good friends."

Again, this is one of my favorite tips to attract women, but you have to use it with care!


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