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Confidence When Approaching Women

You push a large door open and you realize that you’ve somehow made it to a dim room filled with attractive party people dancing the night away. You see this hottie on the other side of the room. You approach her with a sly smile, start a conversation and minutes later, you’re on the dance floor with her, body to body...

Too bad we’re just in Imagination land.

Back to reality, it’s a shame that most of us just can’t do something like that. We like the idea of approaching really hot women but once we’re there, our hearts beat faster, our palms become sweaty and a lump the size of a car forms in our throats. And every time we let a chance slip, we kick ourselves for being a sore loser.

Blame it on what we call “approach anxiety.” It is the feeling when we want to talk to attractive women, but we just can’t - it’s simple as that. (Know more about "approach anxiety" by subscribing for free videos at But this anxiety is something we can deal with. For starters, you can use these tips on how to build up your confidence when you want to approach women.

The right mindset – Perhaps one of the reasons why you’re afraid to do the first move is because of what other people might think. Well here’s the truth: they don’t really care.

Sure they may notice you at first but after a minute or two, they’d be back to minding their own business again. The people around you have their own problems to think of and you obviously have yours – how to approach that bombshell in the Pink top.

Ignore yourself – When contemplating whether to “approach or not to approach,” you probably hear those tiny voices in your head that tell you about the upsetting consequences that can happen.

The only option you have with this is to ignore it. Why entertain these thoughts when you haven’t done anything yet? Take this as an exciting opportunity instead. Think about the feeling of heading home with her number or better yet, with her.

Smile – Smiling can benefit you in two ways. One, it helps release the tension clogged inside you by creating a positive mood. Secondly, try smiling at the woman you wish to approach and she’d most likely send you back with a smile of her own. That should put you at ease. (Tips for flashing a great smile can also be found at

Be cool with rejection – If you end up talking to her hand, don’t take it personally. Just accept the fact that there are some women who will not find you interesting. Remember that everybody fails once in a while – but not every time. Shrug it off and keep hunting. When it comes to women, it’s always open season. You can always try again.

Approaching women or even how to get women must not be treated as a frightening ordeal but as an opportunity that can reward us with a girlfriend, a girl buddy, a business partner or a partner for life. Who knows, maybe that lovely woman you see sitting alone in the nearby coffee shop every other day has been waiting for your confident “Hello” all along. If that’s not enough encouragement, here are some words of wisdom from this beautiful celebrity who goes by the name of Poppy Montgomery: "When considering whether or not to ask out the girl you're afraid to talk to, keep this in mind: No matter who you are or what you look like, it's always flattering when you hit on us. Always."


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