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Female Body Language

Ah yes, the female body. Those curves, the silky skin, the pair of bright eyes and heart-shaped lips drive men crazy. But other than the physical features, the woman’s body is programmed to send out signals that men could put to good use.

Much has been said about the female body language. They claim that deciphering it properly will lead you to a woman’s heart. With that, here are some pointers on where you ought to look when trying to know what women are trying to say in times when they say absolutely nothing.

The eyes – Just don’t let your senses reel too much if the woman of your desire has mesmerizing eyes because when decoding her body language, you need to focus on those pair of jewels.

Initiating eye contact with her is a great start but if she looks away, don’t fret. Observe if she fixes her hair, plays with her necklace or if she does something unnecessary after she looks somewhere else. These nervous gestures are signs that she might be interested in you.

But once you’ve already talked to her for 5-10 minutes, her eyes must obviously be fixated on you. If she still keeps on looking away at this point, you’re most likely boring her to death already.

The mouth – The best thing you’ll see in a woman is when she curls her lips to a radiant smile. If she smiles at you from a distance, that's a no-brainer. Go talk to her.

Remember that a woman’s smile implies a lot of positive things – she’s happy to spend time with you, she’s having a great time, she’s thankful to have met you and many more. Keep her smiling all night and you just might have this one in the bag.

The body and arms – While a woman’s body will certainly lure your eyes, you may want to observe it as you try to snag her attention. She’s interested if she directs her body (or her shoulders) in front of you – another sign for you to walk towards her. As you talk to her, experts say that if a woman unconsciously places her hand on her shoulders or her arms, she’s inexplicitly wishing that you touch her on those areas.

But when a woman crosses her arms, you may want to change your strategy or back off a little because you’ve just put her in defense mode. Maybe you said something that made her feel nervous or uneasy. Be sure to do something about this or her attention will quickly switch to the other guys nearby.It's a good idea to playfully call her on that by saying « That's bad body language, you're making me feel like you don't like me, then putting on your best puppy dog look.

Bear in mind that when it comes to the opposite sex, women have a thing for letting their bodies do the talking. But while men have no choice but to play this game, always remember the rewards here could be far more incredible than you think.

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