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Free Lesson On Reticular Activating System

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Today, I'm in a great mood. I was looking over the training logs I've been keeping from the first two bootcamps of 12 Months to Mastery, and the results are off the charts! I had done an estimate before the program started of where I'd hoped guys would be after the first bootcamp. I would say my estimate was pragmatic, but it was so far off it wasn't funny. On average 50% more guys got laid than I expected and guys are doing 100% more approaches than I'd counted on. So congrats to everyone in 12 Months to Mastery for their efforts!

For those that don't know, 12M2M is a year long coaching program that includes 2 bootcamps and a Superconference, as well as phone coaching, email lessons, and monthly audio and video content. The program focuses on inner psychology for the first 4 months, the skills of dating for the middle 4 months, and lifestyle for the final 4 months. It's also an experiment of sorts. I wanted to see if it was possible in 12 months to make a group of beginners as good or better than the guys teaching out there. So far from the results, I'm guessing it is.

So because these guys are getting such amazing results, I wanted to give you a chance to check out one of the lessons they've gotten. This is this week's lesson on the Reticular Activating System.

Lesson 9: The Reticular Activating System.

Dr Robert Anton Wilson once wrote " What the Thinker thinks, the Prover, proves. " He was correct when it comes to the way human beings interpret reality.

In the time it's taken you to read to this point of your lesson, you have been bombarded by about 8 million pieces of information. This information streams in through your eyes, ears and central nervous system. It is literally too much information to process all at once. In order for us to be able to survive and function in the real world, we have to have a way to filter the information and decide what's important and what's not. Well we do. It's called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. The RAS sits at base of the brain right above the spine. Everything that comes into the brain, gets filtered through your RAS.

Another way to think of your RAS is as a radar system for your mind. The radar system is programmed based on your beliefs about yourself, your Self-image, goals and needs. In other words, your RAS is constantly filtering the information that you're receiving (From women, friends, unrelated events) and looking for reference information to support your existing beliefs about yourself, your Self-image, and what you believe your goals and needs to be.

Let's look at it this way. If I believe that women are not attracted to me because of my height, and I view myself as an unattractive person because of my height, what will my RAS start looking for? That's right, any information to support those irrational and unhealthy beliefs. If I go out and approach 50 women and 1 of them tells me she doesn't date short guys, guess what I'll be remembering? If I get rejected right off the bat when I approach a woman during those 50 approaches, my RAS will remember that. Furthermore it will extrapolate that it happened because I am an unattractive person (Self-image). The RAS doesn't look at things from every angle, instead it looks for information that matches your beliefs and self image. It is the Prover in Robert Anton Wilson's quote. That's why the deframing beliefs exercises we did last week are so important. If you're working with an unhealthy set of beliefs, you will find evidence to support them. If you're working with a healthy set of beliefs, you'll find evidence to support those as well.

The question then becomes, how can I program my RAS to help maximize my success with women?

The first step comes from doing affirmations with the new sets of beliefs we created last week. Affirmations are where you repeat your beliefs out loud in front of the mirror at least once a day. I also personally believe in using affirmations when you are having an unproductive or negative thought.

The second step will come next week with our next reading assignment and lesson on Self- image. Self -image is such an important topic it deserves it's own lesson. Suffice it to say this is where mental rehearsal and visualizations come into play.

Lastly we will be working to program your goals and needs into your RAS. That's where today's assignment comes in.

Today's assignment is to make a Dreamboard. What's a Dreamboard you ask? A Dreamboard is a collection of images of things you want to attract into your life. We've already done a little bit of goal planning on paper, things like what you want to get out of this program, what type of women you want etc... Now it's time to bring all of that to vivid life. Here's what you need to do.

Go out to a local CVS or equivalent and purchase the largest poster board they have, along with a glue stick, and some scissors. Then get either a stack of magazines or a collection of images off the internet ( The free program Picassa will create collage style images for you) and fill the entire boards with things, people and experiences you want in your life. Then hang it somewhere where you will see it a lot. I hung mine right in front of the very computer I'm writing this lesson on.

On the surface, this may seem like just making a collage. But as I mentioned before the RAS takes in information in many ways. The more you see things you want, the more you think about how you could get them, and the more you start to think you deserve them, but we'll talk more about that in a later lesson. The idea here is to just start bombarding yourself with images of things, people and experiences you want. From there you let the RAS take over.

Later this month I'll present a 3 part structure for keeping your RAS programmed correctly on a daily basis. The best part is it only takes about 10 minutes a day!

Lastly be sure to take a picture of your Dreamboard and email them to me. I'll be keeping a list of who I get them from!




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