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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Attract Any Woman

Taking Her on an Instant Date

One of the best things you can do if you are wondering how to attract a woman, is to take her on an instant date right after you meet her.

An instant date is basically just moving the woman. Movement is so key to pick up, and to dealing with girls in general, because movement just changes everything. Like it literally makes girls feel like they've known you longer, it makes them more likely to come home with you, it makes them more comfortable, it gives you an excuse to touch, and basically changes the entire dynamic of the interaction. I love instant dates and I always go for them because it changes the dynamic of the interaction and is exactly how to attract a woman.

When you start talking to a girl in a book store or coffee shop, or the mall, or wherever, it's "a guy talking to me" kind of random. When you move the girl, even if you just move her inside the venue, it changes the dynamic because now she's with you in the new place, and that changes the entire way that she's processing the interaction, psychologically.

Let's say I'm in the mall, I might say something like, "Oh my God, you know you were awesome, but I am so thirsty right now. Here, I'm going to get a lemonade from Wetzel Pretzel, come with me." And then I'd just keep taking, go back to what I was talking about, and I may go, "Are you romantic? Let's walk French arm in arm," and again, keep the thing going, but the instant date is key because it gets that movement, it changes the dynamic, you can start to touch her more in the second venue. Even if you move a girl around the mall, you can start to touch her more in the second place. If you move her from a store to the food court, you can touch her in the food court in ways that you couldn't have in the actual store.

If you're serious about learning how to attract a woman, you need to start taking girls on instant dates!

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