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How to Attract Women - The Basics!!!

Okay, so what are the things you need in order to attract women? Do you need to be considerably tall? Do you need to have an amazing talent and a slick moustache? How about an incredibly large bank account and the appeal of one of the sexiest men alive? Or in simpler terms, do you need to have the lethal combination of all these qualities and go by the name of Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?

While most women are sure to drool over these Hollywood studs, who says you can’t attract them like they do? The truth is any man can attract the woman he wants. Yes, that includes the really beautiful ones. All you need is yourself and these three things that are sure to catch their attention.

Confidence- Dating experts claim that women are attracted to men who possess confidence. The reason is simple - confidence brings out the best in a person. A woman obviously would want to date someone who can show her that he's the most awesome guy in world. Even if you think you’re more of the average joe, take note that exuding confidence with the way you approach women and express yourself to them makes you look exciting and full of surprises – now chicks certainly dig that.

Proper Hygiene - In Esquire’s Dating Tips: 12 Things You Don't Know About Women, celebrity Courtney Cox says "We pay closer attention to your hands than you think. It's bad enough if you don't have manly hands, but if your nails are longer than ours, forget it." And she’s not referring to fingernails alone.

Nothing can ruin your style faster than a poor hygiene. You may don the most stylish Guccis and Armanis but a hint of bad breath from you is enough to scare the ladies away. Keep your fingernails trimmed, make sure you look neat and smell fresh all the time and you’re bound to attract the goddesses out there. You know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Humor - Of course, humor is very important. Laughing releases good chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. What better way to score a woman’s attention than making her feel good herself?

Now, tickling the female funny bone can be tricky. You can always start by being simple - tell something funny about yourself like the embarrassing moments and the humorous situations you’ve been to. Now there’s something she hasn’t heard!

You can also try telling her some of your favorite jokes (dirty ones don’t count please).

Humorous misinterpretation is always fun for both you and the woman. Try assuming the girl is complimenting you or trying to get you into bed no matter what she says.

You can also steal material from comedians, just make sure to pick obscure ones like Bill Hicks, Paul Mooney or Jim Brewer.

So keep these things in mind as you go out Picking up Women. For more detailed explanations on how to attract women, visit Fill out the simple form in the site and you'll be treated to a series of free cool videos that will teach you How to Get Women of your dreams.


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