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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Attract Women

A Technique to Gain Attention

A great technique to use when learning how to attract women, is something I call "walking in."

Walking in is about becoming the social center of the group. Now you don't always need a wall to do this, sort of lean up against the bar, but what you need to do when you open and you start your attraction material, is you need to reshape the group so that they're facing you. This can be as simple as tapping two women on the inside of their shoulders and taking a step forward to make sure that you're firmly in the center and that everyone's paying attention to you. It can also be something as simple as going, Hey, I hate being on the outside-scoot over; and moving a girl 2 feet off the bar so that you can stand in the middle. When you want to attract women, you need to place yourself in a confident / dominant position.

But no matter what, you don't want to be the guy standing on the outside because as soon as you do that, you start to hemorrhage social value, because a really cool, confident guy with women in his life and who women are attracted to just simply is not going to work that hard to meet girls. You see the really cool guys in VIP tables are surrounded by women. They're not usually trying that hard but somehow they attract women. So girls are very trained to look for signs that a guy is not actually cool based on his behavior. So you want to avoid being "try hard" and you want to get comfortable with being the center of a group and not just pecking for the outside.

So be aware of that key when learning how to attract women.

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