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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women


How to Flirt with Women

Teasing to Gain Attraction

The easiest way to learn how to flirt with women, is to practice the art of playful teasing. Teasing is super important because it does a lot of things at once. First it shows that you're not intimidated by women, you're not afraid to make jokes, you're not afraid to make fun of her; you're not putting her on a pedestal all while flirting with her.

It also passively sets the frame and social value in the interaction. Less cool people cannot get away with teasing more cool people. If you think of the dorkiest guy in the world and walking up to Jessica Alba and being like: You're such a pain in the ass-it's not going to work, she's going to walk away. But if you can tease a girl and get away with it, then passively you've set the frame that you must be a little smidgen cooler than her and that's really important because one of the overall rules for pick up is that you always have to be a little bit cooler than the girl. This is KEY in learning how to flirt with women.

So teasing is something you want to do early when starting to flirt. Remember, it doesn't have to be insulting, it doesn't have to be rude. It can be very playful and fun, but you do have to tease to show that you're not intimidated and that you think you're a little bit cooler than she is.

Too many guys say they know how to flirt with women, and just end up dishing out complements to her. WRONG! That won't get you very far.

So I'll give you an example of a tease that I personally like to use: "Obviously your boyfriend did not spank you enough."

This is a great tease, and is outwardly flirty. One of the things that makes teasing work is you need to smile and touch as you tease. Too many guys have really bad, stiff delivery and if you say these things with stiff delivery women are going to take them as insults, and they're not going to have the emotional range, so make sure that you touch and smile.

Always a good idea to send opposite signals. When you're saying something that verbally maybe a little rude, or cold, then you'll want to smile and touch. When you're saying something that's really nice and sweet you want to physically pull away. That's really interesting to women; confusion is very, very related to attraction.

If you can master the art of teasing, you'll know exactly how to flirt with women.

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