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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Get Beautiful Women

Getting Women Comfortable Fast

When learning how to get women, it's really important to understand the levels of comfort that exist in any interaction.

There are four different levels of comfort when it comes to meeting a woman for the first time. The first level is what we call social comfort. Social comfort is the first step in any process when you're meeting a new person or you're introduced to someone, or any way two people meet.

If you want to know how to get women, the first thing that has to be established is social comfort, and this is the most basic and minimal level of comfort. This can be taken care of by things like having good delivery, making good eye contact, not having a lot of twitches, not asking a lot of questions or setting off any of the auto-pilot responses women have when they're dealing with guys who're trying to hit on them. That's all you need to establish social comfort.

Some ways of establishing social comfort include things like opinion openers (asking women their opinion on something interesting), disqualifying yourself really early on, teasing the girls, things like - just being a normal person. Being able to carry on a conversation that's not awkward, that doesnít rely too heavily on asking questions and getting them to volunteer information, has a proper conversational ratio.

In order to establish social comfort and get women you don't want to bring up any weird subjects or do anything that's socially off-putting. That's social comfort. That's the most minimum of basics and you can tell you are good at social comfort if you can talk to anyone and have a five to ten-minute conversation, at which point if I were to come up afterwards and ask them what they thought about you, they'd just say you were a nice guy.

They'd just say you were a nice guy, normal guy. Now weird, not creepy, didnít seem like they had an agenda, didnít seem too smooth. Nothing like that, normal, nice and normal. That's social comfort, and that's a really important factor in learning how to get women.

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