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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Impress a Woman

Some Great Cold Reads That Will Impress Her

If you really want to learn how to impress women, you need to practice the art of cold reading.

Cold reading is basically making an observation about somebody without actually knowing them. Something like, "You totally don't look like an East Coast girl." If you're on the East coast, "You totally don't look like a West coast girl." If you're on the West coast - or, "You totally have an L.A. vibe; you totally have a New York vibe." Or, "You totally have a Miami vibe-Toronto."

Whatever the nearest big city to you is. And what that's going to do is one of two things. If the girl is from whatever city you say she's from or from whatever area, she's going to agree and think that was cool that you were able to figure that out. She's going to want to know how you knew that. This is how to impress women from the very start of the interaction.

So then, you can kind of just give her a little generic compliment. Keyword being "little." In the quest of learning how to impress women, you want to keep in mind that delivering a lot of compliments early is counterproductive. Something like, "you have a really cool style" works great. People from here don't usually dress that different, you obviously stand out and have taste." Sometimes I'll go, "Because you seem nice." That's another good one if you live in a place like Miami, where I used to live, that's really stuck up, then that's a good one. A little joke, like have a good follow up for how you knew that.

You can kind of test a few different ones. Sometimes I say, "Because I dated a girl who looked just like you," or, "had the same style." A little bit of social proof, a little bit of togetherness frame, but again, what you say after that doesn't matter. Or, she'll say, "No, I'm from here." At which point, again, same thing, you give her the same kind of compliment or you make the same joke that she seems nice, or this, that or the other. The idea of the cold read is that there's something different about her. You will want to differentiate her from most other girls.

I've found cold reads are pretty great when it comes to mastering how to impress women.

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