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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Impress a Woman

Verbal and Non-verbal Congruence

I've mentioned before that verbal communication is the primary way in which you're going to master the art of how to impress a woman, but today I want to focus on getting congruency between your verbal and non-verbal communication. Congruency is key in really learning how to impress a woman.

Now the reason nonverbal communication is important is because it allows you to send messages about your attitude, your comfort level, your emotional kind of temperature, so that girls can tell if you're happy, or sad, or if you're jealous, or this, that or the other. And it also allows you to communicate on multiple channels to make sure that your communication is as varied and complex and full as possible. So you're making sure that women are getting the full benefit of your communication, both nonverbally, and verbally. And that's why nonverbal communication is very important to mastering how to impress a woman-because if your nonverbal communication doesn't match your verbal communication you're going to come off incongruent.

So that's the big benefit of nonverbal communication - when you say something, and what you're saying with how you're acting don't line up, you fall into the creepy category. And the reason is that women can tell something's off, they can tell you're not who you're pretending to be, and because of that, even if all the things you're saying are attractive, you're not going impress a woman because she can tell that it's not correct, that there's something a little bit off. There's something in your body language, your tonality, this, that or the other, and that's where you get guys who can't hold eye contact, and can't speak to a woman for three or four minutes, and they're trying to tell her a story about their stripper ex-girlfriend, and the nonverbal communication just tells the woman everything she needs to know about this story and this guy.

In order to really learn how to impress a woman, you need to practice congruency between your verbal and non-verbal communication.

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