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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Impress Women

How to Use Story Telling to Impress Her

A big factor in learning how to impress women, is the art of story telling.

Story Telling is a way to share and exchange information in attraction about yourself that will usually subconsciously impress women and allow you to relate with them.

Maybe you've heard some example stories from other guys out there, and they're 2 - 3 minutes long. That's way too long. Generally an attraction story will be between 30 and 90 seconds. If you have anything longer than that your story is a little too long, it probably has a tendency to bore (rather than impress) women. That doesn't mean it's a boring story, it just means that they don't yet care enough about you, they're not emotionally invested enough that they're going to sit there and listen for 2 - 3 minutes with rapt attention.

Another thing to keep in mind when you're story telling is the idea of Check-Ins. When women are listening for too long and sometimes, you know, 60 seconds, 45 seconds can be too long without any input from them, they go into receive mode; and people in receive mode are harder to get out of that and more difficult to impress. So when you try to get them to open up later, it's going to be more difficult because they've been sitting there for a really long time with absolutely no input in anything that's going on and there's a chance that if they're not participating, they won't be impressed.

In order to impress women, your stories should have things like: a laugh or funny punchline, something cute about your mom or a pet or something, or a moral. All three of these qualities indicate something positive about you that will impress women.

You don't need to outwardly tell women "I am awesome" but they can infer that from a story, that is the best way to impress women. So you want to learn how to impress women? Practice the art of effective story telling.


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