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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Talk to Girls

Guide to Gaining Confidence

One of the keys of learning how to talk to girls is establishing a "winner's confidence" when approaching girls.

There is definitely a "winning" way to approach and talk to girls and I want to touch on that mentality.

The winner has a light switch mentality. They don't hover around girls, they don't go back and forth debating whether or not they should or shouldn't approach. They either do or do not. No hamletting around. I teach a lot of pick up bootcamps for guys who want to learn how to talk to girls, and I'll frequently tell guys they're hamletting when they hover around the girls because they're trying to decide. Don't hover, go right in, it makes you look more confident; it will be easier and you'll get that rush of emotion. Once you handle that, it should be a lot easier to go up and just talk to girls. The more you let things build up, the more that approach anxiety actually becomes a choice. By not going in right away and talking to the girl, you're actually choosing to have approach anxiety. So make the choice to not have approach anxiety and go right in and talk to her.

Another thing winners with girls think about, is they see talking to girls as a fun process. They don't view it as work; they don't view it as something that is hard. They don't view the girls as bitchy. The whole process is fun. It's just a fun thing they do. They're excited to go talk to girls, they like talking to people; they're social, fun, positive people. That's a big thing. You have to find some sort of joy in this process. If you don't like doing to clubs, try to focus on daytime approaching. If you don't like approaching during the day and you like going out and getting drunk and going to clubs, go out at night. If you like meeting strippers, go to strip clubs, but you have to find things that you like in order to make the process of approaching a talking to girls as easy as possible, because if you hate the places you're at, and you have approach anxiety, it's going to be really, really hard to talk to anyone, let alone attractive girls. But if you like where you're at and you have approach anxiety, then we can work with that.

If you really want to master the issue of how to talk to girls, learning to conquer your approach anxiety is the first step.

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