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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Talk to Women

Conquering Approach Anxiety

I teach of a lot of different social improvement classes, and by far the most common question I get from my students is "How do I talk to women?"

Well the secret to talking to women is not something I can answer in merely one article, but the biggest improvement a guy can make is getting over approach anxiety.

Understand that there may be some physical things that are not a choice, especially in the beginning when you first start trying to talk to a lot of women. You might get nervous, you might feel uncomfortable, you might sweaty palms, but you can still act. You want to make sure that you donít freak out, and that you understand that approach anxiety will be there but it is something you can build up a progressive tolerance to, and become more and more impervious to while learning how to talk to women.

The same way that boxers do full-contact sparring, you can learn to feel those feelings, take the emotional hit, act anyway, and talk to any women you choose. By making small progressive steps, you'll start to actually build those muscles up. You may have to start by just going to the mall and making eye contact and saying hi to ten people (men and women). But that's a start. You want to get these balls rolling because as you do more and more of the stuff you start to build more and more momentum, and that mindset of building momentum and not trying to do it all at once, is really important.

So this is basically the first key in learning how to talk to women. The first step is simply getting used to this anxiety. The more women to try and talk to, the easier it will be become. Once youíve mastered this, youíll be well on your way to successfully talking to and picking up women.

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