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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women


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How to Attract Girls

The Truth About Body Language

I consider myself an expert in the area of “how to attract girls" and in my experience of teaching men the art of exactly How to Attract Girls, I noticed there's one fallacy that comes up over and over again. Guys tend to over emphasize the importance of non-verbal communication when it comes to learning how to attract girls.

Nonverbal communication is one of the more focused-on and kind of paid-attention-to subjects out there when it comes to meeting and attracting and seducing girls. Today, I want to clear up a couple of things about body language and nonverbal communication that are absolute myths and have been taught for years and years in the pick-up community. There's a statistic that's often thrown out that says that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. This is an extreme fallacy. That particular statistic came from a UCLA study in the mid '90s where, basically, people were not allowed to communicate verbally, and so they came up with the idea that when people are not allowed to communicate verbally only 7 percent of the communication is missing.

First of all, when we learn How to Attract Girls, we're not doing this with duct tape over our mouths, so this statistic is pretty irrelevant.

Now, the reason this is not true-for my own personal life-is the fact that I have, personally, met girls and through phone and text, where there's nothing but verbal communication. I've convinced them to pay for their own ticket to fly across the country and spend the weekend with me. So, obviously, if I'm only getting 7 percent of my communication through, that would not be possible.

A lot of guys overvalue this nonverbal communication stuff. It's very, very important, but in and of itself, this will not get you laid. If you don't pair this with strong verbal game and physical escalations then this stuff will just make you seem less nervous-which is good-but doesn't take you all the way in learning How to Attract Girls.

To attract girls, you certainly need to have some mastery over your body language, but a HUGE part of learning how to attract girls comes from you verbal skills.

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