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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Attract Women

Adjusting Your Body Language

I've previously referred to the importance of body language when it comes to learning how to attract women. When guys are first learning how to attract women, I recommend they do what I call "periodic tension checks.

You're going to get more uncomfortable as you're getting into these nervous situations like Approaching Women, and learning how to attract women, so you want to make sure you're relaxed. The places we want to check for tension are:

  1. The shoulders. If your shoulders are not loose and are tight or tense, you do not have good body language.
  2. Neck. If you're holding your neck really stiffly, if you're trying to hold yourself too erectly in terms of posture, you're sucking in-all of that stuff leads to bad body language which is bad for practicing How to Attract Women.
  3. Feet spread shoulder-width apart. This is a big key to balance. A lot of the time when I'm working with students on boot camp, or live in any form, I notice they stand too close together, and because of that they don't have a solid base. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart every time.
  4. The periodic twist check. Shake everything out. How loosey-goosey are your arms, your legs and your core? If they're not really relaxed and really comfortable, then your body language is suffering. You want to always be the most comfortable person in any interaction - if you were really a cool guy and you approached a group of girls, would you make yourself uncomfortable, or put yourself into a strange position in order to talk to them? You know exactly how to attract women so of course you wouldn't. So what happens when you're not relaxed, or you're not the most comfortable in the interaction, is that you start to lose value no matter what you're saying.

Do these checks and you'll be well on your way to keying in on how to attract women.

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