Reviews - Vin Dicarlo

Vin Dicarlo is the father of “Natural Game”. He’s been a teacher and an innovator in the community for almost 4 years. Vin espouses a very simple philosophy based on rock solid inner game, and sexual escalation.

I was super excited to read the attraction code, because I had met Vin Dicarlo, and his partner, WAY back in 2005 when they were helping out on the Boston bootcamp. That was back when he posted as Woodhaven on He had been posting some really good really detailed LRs, and was introducing a concept he was calling "natural game”. I was really impressed with both of them and at how different their game was to mine, while still being effective.

So when I started to see all the promo for The Attraction Code, I thought I should check it out. For the sake of brevity I'm going to be breaking all of my reviews down into three sections: Information, Teaching, and Usability.

First let's talk about the information in The Attraction Code. The Attraction Code is all about the process of attraction. In fact, of all of the literature in the community, I don't know if attraction has EVER been looked at THIS closely on both an INNER and OUTER game level.

Chapter one explores the concepts of status and dominance from an evolutionary perspective. I particularly liked the definition of Status that was given early in chapter one…

"Status is the order of importance of people in the group"

That is a great, and yet simple explanation. The most important person in the group has the highest status; the least important person, the lowest status.

The second chapter talks about how Attraction has evolved throughout the ages. The major difference here comes from the shift away from survival and towards conveying relative dominance. This is a HUGE shift in thinking from the typical community model of survival characteristics. In fact this chapter contains the best definition of an alpha male I've ever read. I don't want to give everything away, but it focuses on shifting away from tearing people down and towards being a leader who brings everyone up to a higher level...

The third chapter is all about female psychology. I really like Vin's ideas of seeing women as teammates as opposed to opponents. This is something that being too into " game" can screw up! You have to look at pick up as a two way street, where both of you guys are getting something out of it. A girl is hoping you can do a good job of picking her up, just as much as you are... But by far my favorite part of this chapter had to deal with submission and women's urge to please. Here's my favorite quote:

"A woman is not fully satisfied unless she is satisfying you. She only completely enjoys sex when you enjoy sex. She trusts you if you make her be trustworthy. She feels comfortable when you are comfortable. "

The fourth chapter was where the Attraction Code is finally introduced via the 4 EP model of personal expression. This is actually the first model I can remember seeing showing how inner game affects outer game. It's a fascinating look at attraction and how our thoughts get manifested into actions that serve to make women either more, or less attracted to us…

Vin also introduces the idea of state frictions. The three major state frictions were Attention Fixation, Social Pressure, and Intention-Violation. I particularly liked the Eleven Immutable Laws of an attractive identity. A list of beliefs and ways of being that causes attraction in women. Great stuff there. But my favorite part of the book, by far, was the Attraction Proof! I felt like this was something I'd been trying to say for a long time without having the words. So here's a little attraction math for that ass...

A Proof they don’t teach in Math Class:

The focus of your attention determines your reality
1. You have the ability to gain conscious control over
2. What you pay attention to

3.You have the ability to gain conscious control over your reality.

We hear a lot of talk about having a strong frame or reality or what not, but this chapter actually GIVES YOU the know how to build a strong reality that is attractive to women.

All right let's move on to part two: Teaching.

I REALLY liked the unique way that Vin put together The Attraction Code. It's written like Sperm Wars with a fictional narrative, this one happens to involve a protagonist named Patrick. There are also clues to the Attraction Code spread throughout the book to encourage the reader to actively follow the material. This was my favorite part of the teaching style! When teaching seminars, I'm constantly thinking about how to keep the group engaged and OUT of PASSIVE listening mode. Vin figured out a way to include that in his book. Which was awesome! I also like the various charts, proofs, and affirmations, Vin uses to teach. My one complaint with the teaching was the lack of INSTANTLY applicable material. Besides a section on shrugging to handle congruence tests, there wasn't a lot of stuff a guy could use THAT night. But the overall value of the information and exercises for building a strong reality GREATLY outweigh this negative!

Finally part three: Usability.

The usability section is really about how easy to download, read, watch etc.. each product. The Attraction Code was simple to download, and easy to read and follow. It was also really nicely packaged with great artwork and a SUPER useful sidebar navigation system. Overall, I'd say this is one of the best put together eBooks I've seen! It also comes with bonus material on preventing flakes, objection game, the Dicarlo Escalation Model and more!

Overall, I give The Attraction Code 4 out of 5 stars and consider it a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to work on becoming the type of guy who attracts women simply by being.

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