Pick Up Summits and Conferences

Nowadays it seems like every pickup company under the sun has its own super conference 6 times a year. Here are some reviews of my experiences at various summits from The Love Systems Super Conference, to The Under 21 Convention.

The Pick Up Summit 2008

So this past weekend I was speaking at the PUA summit with mixed emotions. I was excited to get to talk to a big group of people, because I really do believe in the value of what I teach, but I was also a little worried about how weird the crowd was going to be. Anytime you get a bunch of socially, un-calibrated guys (as I once was… so no judgment) together, it has the potential for weirdness and discomfort. Luckily the weekend was a lot of fun!

The last thing I posted was the LR from Wed night at Bar Marmont. I actually ended up pulling another three set from there on Sat night. I took them back to Savoy’s place, but rushed the pull as I opened her at about 1:00 AM. It turns out I had opened her sister and her friends earlier by singing Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”… loudly! I was actually out with Moxie’s bootcamp and they watched the pull go down. It was hilarious because Moxie handcuffs his students if they don’t lock in, in the first minute of the set. So we were getting pretty rowdy in there… And somewhere in the midst of that, I picked up a girl.

But before we even get to that we have to rewind to Thursday. Moxie and I made a pilgrimage to get the Milanese tacos from El Indio, in Northridge. I first discovered these delectable bites of sunshine when my friends Ron and Gabe were in a fraternity at CSUN. We got recommended to the place once, and it was nauseating! But for some reason Ron liked it, and he eventually persuaded us to try these breaded steak tacos. I have since introduced CJ to them, who was suitably annoyed when I texted him to tell him we were eating them and throwing one away for the absentee pirate king.

We ended up at Beauty bar for a bit that night, and then we headed to Savoy’s to play some Madden Wii. I lost as I couldn’t figure out any of the controls. I did, however, annoy Savoy by picking the Chargers. So there’s that ☺

Then Friday I sat in on a bit of Moxie’s lecture, had sex with the girl from Wed night, again, ran some errands, and picked up some new clothes. I got a few new shirts but generally was less than impressed with the LA fashion scene. Especially, on Melrose. I get it! Affliction shirts are “in” because everyone wants to pretend they’re MMA fighters, because one time they spent all day watching an Ultimate Fighter marathon on the Versus channel. And I understand that a Phoenix represents overcoming and such… but enough with the phoenix, the skulls, and the Fleur De Lis… I understand! You’re conflicted and there are problems of religious symbolism that cause you great consternation but I’d like to stop having it shoved at me when I’m trying to purchase clothing to make women like me :P

Fri night we ended up bouncing around to a lot of bars, at which point I got ridiculously drunk (with a bit of help from Savoy) and ended up passing out back at our lovely motel around 4 AM - when I knew I had to be up to support AFC Adam on his talk. So I wake up hung over and head down to the summit. I meet up with Kurgen, who if you guys don’t know about him, is a guy I NEVER thought would get good. He’s also over 40, and Asian! So he’s not one of those guys who you can say succeeds because of his looks or natural advantages. His story is actually pretty funny…

About three years ago Fastlife, Matador and I, used to go out in Orange County. We’d go to this ridiculously hard, 18 and under club, and to the Skybar of Orange County for those of you who go out down there. Now bear in mind this was right before or right after The Game had come out, so there weren’t a lot of PUAs. We NEVER ran into guys. Except, for this one guy. Back then, Kurgen dressed terribly! He looked like an old guy trying to look young. And he had taken 2 bootcamps with a different company that teaches more of a party style of game. Not the right combination! Plus he had some issues with touching and teasing girls. On top of that, his routines sounded like bad acting. We tried to give him some advice here or there and he never took it, but he kept going out. Then finally about two years ago, he started to get better. He even told Fastlife about how he started to tease and touch and we were both like, “DUH”. But he really got better, fast, once he changed his style to reflect his age a bit, and he added teasing and touching. He got good enough that I asked him to help me format the routine stacks recently. The reason I did this was that he broke all his routines down, into micro pieces, and learned them with the touching points and everything in order to internalize the attitudes etc… So now he’s helping me to break up routine stacks into digestible pieces while also accomplishing certain objectives… if that make any sense. But I digress. The point of the story was that Fastlife and I had frequent conversations about how he was never going to get better and yet he was still able to, by taking the steps on his own and staying committed.

But he and I ended up at the summit, and the first person I saw was Zan. He happened to be in LA and stopped by with the guy who wrote the upcoming community movie (I think it’s called Rules of The Game or something similar). I caught up with Zan and we made plans to catch up and talk about some of the ideas I have. Then I saw AFC Adam and his girlfriend. It’s always great to see Adam as he’s one of the coolest, most fun to be around people, I’ve ever met. I also got to catch up with some other guys I’ve met over the years. A bunch of former students were there so it was cool to see where they are now as opposed to where they were the last time I saw them.

The summit was held in the Renaissance Hotel, which is always a great choice. We filmed Savoy, The Don, and I filmed the classroom segments for the Dr Phil show in a room across the way from where we were (some of you may recall Dr. Phil interviewed Savoy and The Don back in 2006, as he has a real thing for PUAs). When I got there Savoy wasn’t even on stage yet. So the event, like most summits, was running a bit late. It was good to see Vince Kelvin and Johnny Wolf as well. It seemed like the crew they were working with was a bit larger than I thought it was going to be. I was busy catching up with Zan, while Savoy was speaking, but I came back in the room in time to hear Adam mention that I was in the crowd. Always appreciate the shout outs ☺ Adam’s speech was great; very informative and funny. His method of breaking rapport to build attraction, and using PROVEN psychological techniques such as social proof and operant conditioning, is pretty interesting. Personally, Adam has some of the most ridiculous attraction game I’ve ever seen! And he is super normal while doing it. His speech included a look, at a NEVER to be publicly shared video that more than proves his level of skill or any questions about his abilities…

After Adam talked, I bounced with Kurgen to work on breaking down the routine stack process and we even made some great headway towards our new attraction model eBook (to be released soon). Plus, I got to eat Carney’s which is another one of my favorite places to eat in LA. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my rules in life is that a hot dog, is never a bad choice. It’s hard to find a better hot dog than Carney’s, including Pink’s.

That night ended in the previously mentioned pull and LMR combination.

Sunday, I wake up at 10 AM and have to be on stage at 11:30. I grab a quick shower, wake Moxilicious up, and head down to the seminar room. I walk in as David Wygant is on stage, and I keep waiting for him to scream "RESPECT THE COCK!!!" He kind of reminds me of Mark Wahlberg, in The Departed. He tells us he spent all night having sex with his girlfriend and is on two hours sleep. He mentions girls being horny and going home to masturbate, while thinking about guys who approach them. But he spends most of his time dissing routines. This was hilarious, because my talk was on finding your voice in set… through the use of routines. I tell this to Torres, Adam's girlfriend, and she's amused as well. After the talk, I tell Johnny Wolf what I'm talking about, and he looks visibly nervous.

I get on stage and nail my talk! I covered a lot about being willing to be different, putting your core personality on the line, and using good routines as opposed to bad ones. This doesn't mean other people's routines, it means having good answers to the questions that come up every set, etc... I also notice that I swear more than any other guru I've ever heard! I'd think it was nervous energy, but I swear more than any person I know also...

After my speech I was mobbed by a bunch of people, including Sean Messenger, who tells me he's really proud of my growth since the last time we saw each other. That means a lot coming from Sean. I talk to students and end up giving everyone a free phone consultation. That's something I've been doing for everyone who comes and hears me talk at a lair meeting or a summit etc. I want to spend 10 minutes talking to you and seeing where you are and what things can be done to help you get to the next level.

I grab a quick lunch with Moxie, and then we head in to watch Brad P speak. As regular readers of my blog are well aware, I'm a big fan of Brad's! His talk started out with his standard stuff about social anxiety and developing balls. I frequently point students in the direction of his social anxiety exercises and do them myself on a fairly regular basis. He also told some funny stories about how he infiltrated or one of those file sharing networks, and did a poll of how much guys were getting laid. It revealed that most of them were virgins or had been with less than ten women despite having access to EVERY product! This was actually one of the better talks I've seen Brad give, as he later took questions and revealed some great tactics for handling shit tests. I even got on stage with him and did an exercise on agreeing with shit tests, and then exaggerating them to absurd levels. You can see the video here:

Then he wrapped up and he and I did an interview about the summit, having balls, making things sexual etc, etc... Not sure when the videos are going be up but I'll post them as they get up. The guys filming the interviews liked the way I interviewed Brad, enough to do an interview with me, Adam and Torres, and Sean Messenger. Fun times! I like interviewing people.

I also got to see Mehow for the first time in a long time. I was really happy about that, because I wanted a chance to apologize for all the aggression I showed towards him last year, which was pretty unwarranted. He took it really graciously and I had a really good talk with him and look forward to seeing him again. I also saw his presentation and really loved the way he broke down live pickups in real time. Apparently, he did a demo on some girls he brought with him too, but I didn't see it. I'm very interested to see what new technology he will bring to ways of learning pick up. The last person I met was Don Diego Garcia from Stylelife, who has a really different image to what I was expecting, and he seemed like a nice guy. We should be doing an interview soon for Stylelife so look for that.

I finally got a call from Moxie (telling me to come to pick him up from his bootcamp), so I had to leave a bit early, but overall I thought the summit was a great success, and I'm excited to see what happens next year with it. I'll post the videos as I find them.


Love Systems Superconference 2008:

Hey guys,

I posted a mini review of the superconference the other day on my blog, but I wanted to do a full write up of all the madness, fun and learning that took place this last weekend.

It started when I got into town Thursday afternoon, I headed straight to the theme hotel in North Hollywood. I had just spent the last few hours gaming the hottest and most annoying girls I had ever sat next to on a plane. They were coming back from Albequerque after they had DJ'd and modeled at some club the night before.

I meet up with Moxie and Fader and we hang out for a bit before they have to go do instructor duties. Me not being an official instructor I stay at the hotel working and then head to meet TD, on his bootcamp he was running in Hollywood. TD has shaved his head and looks way different. It's always a good time hanging out with TD and I also got to see Olcey and Xaneus again. I hung out on the WS for awhile and even got recognized by the TSB mag guys. Moxie eventually turns up to join us and we head over to a hotel venue. TD wants to bail but Moxie and I have hooked a two set we opened by singing the Aladdin song " I can show you the World." We both end up getting too drunk and wrecking it. This would be one of two nights I fail to pull.

I find out I'm speaking the next day at 5 PM so I'm excited that I can sleep in. I get up early anyway though and head down to check out the introduction, and the breakout rooms.

I watch Savoy teach the new Love Systems model as well as introduce the the new Love Systems logo that apparently took a lot of work to come to a consensus on. It looks pretty cool though...

I mill around and talk to some students about sticking points they're having. This is one of my favorite things about superconferences is the time to meet and greet the students. I was surprised by how many guys had just found out about dating science a few days before signing up for this.

I do my speech, it was on personalizing the game. I was also going to teach my five immutable laws of pickup but I embarassingly couldn't remember the fifth one I was happy to get this new material out there as it's a part of my upcoming attempt to reform the way game is taught from a one size fits all model to something a bit more custom. Boutiques versus Nordstrom's if you will.

After my talk I watch a bit of Cajun on closing the deal in comfort, I believe. Cajun gets my awesome award for running into Matador and not only making a crack about his wig but shoving him. I didn't see it but I heard about it from quite a few people and was extremely amused.

Then Moxie did his speech on state. Moxie is one of my best friends and one of favorite people to hear speak. He is the definition of a professional speaker and his presentations are always the most fun ones to watch. This time he spoke about state and how to get into it. It was a really fun speech and had a ton of audience participation.

One of the new wrinkles this year was the "Schrute" buck. a series of fake money that was given to students to reward the instructors who were helping students the most. This quickly became a contest between a few instructors most notably Moxie and Soul.

After Moxie's speech I grabbed a few guys and headed to the diner for the first of many bad meals I would be having there. One of my favorite things about superconferences is being around all of the instructors. Everyone of them is a really cool guy and hanging with guys from across seas you don't see much like Rokker is awesome.

Then it was time to go out at night. I had one student and I ended up joining my group with Moxie and Fader's. We decided to go bar hopping along a famous Hollywood strip. We were also accompanied by 5.0 and Prestige. My student opened a seated two set and started to stall out, so I came in to save it and then invited 5.0 in as well. This set was going really well so I decided to up the sexual escalation to see what I could get away with. I end up getting away with some major shit. I was priming for the bathroom pull when we decided to bounce venues. I text the girl to set something up for later, here was the exchange:

Me: So now you're wearing a nurse costume in my mind!
Girl: Oh yeah? Well we both definitely wanna meet up with you boys later!
Me: Definitely. You better save some energy.
Girl:an hour later- Hey you! Where are you boys? Friends name and I wanna get spanked and told what to do!

I ended up telling them to meet us back at the bar at 1:45 and myself and 5.0 roll over there, bring them back to the hotel and proceed to have sex with both of them after a crazy drinking game. When I said we had sex with both of them, I mean we both fucked both girls. It's called an acrobatic monkey or a switch. Props to 5.0 for not making it weird or in any way gay. 5.0's an awesome guy with really good game. Really cool to meet him.

I wake up the next morning and go with Moxie to his breakout room on Amogs, and frame control. This devolves into everyone just fucking with everyone, but the students learned a lot about a pretty difficult situation.

After that I had to do more work

But I broke away long enough to see Brad P's talks on fashion and 10 minute seductions. As everyone knows Brad's a real favorite of mine, because he brings a really unique perspective to everything he does. He's also very focused on results much like myself.

That night I head out with Moxie, Tenmagnet, Cajun, Prestige, Rokker, and Kisser. We bounce around a few venues before we end up Citizen Smith. I had decided that shots would be a great idea, so I have no memory of how it happened but from what I've heard Rokker and I opened a two set. I remember making out with her and her asking me to leave with her. I don't remember her name, what we talked about or anything else about her. So what do I do? I take her home and have sex with her.

I get back to the hotel at 11 AM and decide that if I sleep I'm going to miss the whole day, so I go workout. This was a huge win for me as anytime I workout on the road it's a great day.

I watch Speer speak and then I go grab some Inn and Out. Pretty much one of the only things I miss about LA.

Yes here's my rant about how evil LA is. It sucks, besides the weather, there is literally nothing redeeming about it at all. I keep expecting to miss it and I NEVER do. A funny side note on the weekend was that a friend of mine from high school turned up there as a student. It was pretty weird and random and it's happened to me twice now...

Sunday night the instructors all go out to a great club. We end up having way too much alcohol and nearly getting kicked out of a Denny's as Braddock, Mr M and Moxie engage in the world's biggest pepper fight. Sadly this was the second night I didn't get laid

Monday I went shirked my work responsibilities and went shopping on Melrose with Sheriff, Rokker, HiRoller, The Don, and a few others. I couldn't find anything on Melrose except shirts with skulls, crosses and fleur de lis on them. I did get to visit my favorite store in the world though so that was cool. I also got a really badass blazer for $ 18 at Buffalo Exchange.

Everyone was zonked Monday night so Moxie and I ventured out alone to the sea of strip clubs, trying to buy weed on the street and clubs of Hollywood. It was not the coolest night.

Last night the trip really got wrapped up well as after I worked all day i met up with Dahunter, Braddock, Moxie, and some Instructor whose name escapes me and went to Coco Deville. We ended up with bottle service and Braddock and I decided we were going to play hate game. We opened by asking what the most assholish thing we could say to them was. Then said it. Great fun.

At the end of the night Mr M somehow produced a three set with a girl who was just my type. She looked like Bettie Paige. I was way over the top in the beginning of the interaction. I was literally just saying the most offensive things I could think of. I toned it down as we pulled them into a cab and ater some hijinks. We all end up back at Dahunter's pad. From there the logistical nightmare ensues as there's nowhere to bang this girl. Moxie's banging her roomate in one room Dahunter and his roommates are asleep in others. Finally I pull in some lawn chairs and lay them down next to each other. Except the arms are blocking any touching. So then I pull an air mattress that's flat and a tiny one that's not out of the project mayhem style living room. Around 530 Am I close the girl then Moxie and I head back to the hotel, pack, and head to LAX.

What a weekend. Big thanks to anyone who came out especially those guys who watched my speech and I was able to get to know over the 3 days.

Can't wait til next year!


Under 21 Convention 2008:

Ok here's my recap from the Under 21 Convention...

So I flew down Thurs night and was planning on meeting up with El Topo and Fidelio, but Fidelio's phone was dead... So I ended up heading out alone to the Church and Orange area. I did quite a few sets and ended up getting bounced to Dragon Room by a really hot two set, but I lost them to dancing :(

The seminar started for me on Fri as I was speaking right after Dream, and before Ratisse. AFC Adam actually showed up right before my talk with his awesome girlfriend and being the geeks we are, we played with the light saber download app for our iphones. So pretty much any idea that I'm cool was quickly dissipated by that display :) Then I spoke and introduced my new model, which I believe is the first cyclical model in the community. I also explained some stuff on frames, broke down my new three levels of comfort stuff, did a Q and A, and more. Then we had a lunch break and I got to hang out with Heartwork, Manwhore, Psych, and Ratisse. All awesome guys. When we came back from lunch I got to watch Adam speak and he was awesome as always he shared some new stuff that his girlfriend worked on with him and overall gave a great presentation. El Topo was supposed to go on after him originally in the line up and he was very glad he didn't have to follow it.

That night Doc Holliday and Entropy arrived. Which was special because it was Doc's birthday. His 21st birthday. And he doesn't really drink, and he's short. So Entropy and I decide it's a good idea to try to get him to drink 21 shots. This started out at Dragon Room and spilled all over the streets of downtown Orlando and into Ibar. The highlights included me lifting Doc up and carrying him into sets. All of us running around trying to do Australian or English accents and really just practicing an indeterminate accent, me laying in wait for Doc with the fattest girl in the club, ready to pounce on him and block him in the booth with her, and making tons of borderline incoherent (but funny to us) videos.

The next day I saw some of the speakers but was mostly nursing an AWFUL hangover so I wasn't in the best of moods... I did get to see Mehow's presentation, which I really liked as well as Manwhore's which was also awesome. And I got to see Doc Holliday and Entropy speak during El Topo's presentation. El topo is always awesome, but seemed particularly "On" that day in terms of his weird off the cuff remarks. I was actively trying to hear what he was going to come up with next.

Then the next night we came with an idea called the circle of Oui. Here's some of the video we've done so far...