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Rotation…Of Glory!

Hey guys,

Here's a fun little trick Moxie and I came up with in Vegas a few months back to make sure students were approaching the girls they were most attracted to. We call it the Rotation Of Glory! The reason we came up with the rotation of glory, is that we wanted to give students a way to make approaching beautiful women fun and easy, but still apply some social pressure to force you to step up and approach the girl. Thus the rotation was born.

What is the rotation? Simply put it means you establish a starting position in the club (Moxie and I use 12 o'clock) then you walk around the entire club mentally tagging the 5-10 hottest girls in the club. You then systematically approach them one by one. If you go out with a buddy, the two of you can take turns
approaching. Once you've approached all the sets you can repeat the rotation.

Why does the rotation work? The rotation works because it takes away all of your little nagging excuses for why you can't approach. You've picked out the girls you are most attracted to, so you can't claim there aren't any girls you like. You are specifically choosing girls to approach, so you can't claim that you're simply out to have fun, and you can't say you're not ready as you've had the entire rotation to get your mind right. Lastly the rotation can become a fun little ritual to help get into state. That way instead of getting all freaked out by approach anxiety or the loud music in the club, you simply start your rotation of glory and approach the girls you want!

That's all for today guys, I highly encourage all of you to get out tonight and start your own rotations of glory!




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