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Ultimate Inner Game Solution

Hey {!name},

Almost at the weekend!

This will be a short but hopefully profound thought for the day.

I was researching some stuff on Inner Game for the guys in 12M2M today when I remembered a conversation I had with Fader (One of the best teachers out there IMO Check him out at about the ultimate simplification of Inner Game.

Basically all Inner Game issues come down to one simple phrase:

Stop Being A Pussy!

Furthermore we spent like 30 minutes trying to come up with an Inner Game issue that couldn't be solved by the idea of SBAP.

For example:

If you have low self esteem, you need to stop being a pussy and learn to love yourself.

If you believe you're too old to attract younger women, you need to stop being a pussy and start approaching the girls you're attracted to.

If you have approach anxiety, you need to stop being a pussy and approach.

If you have problems with escalation, you need to stop being a pussy and start trying to get further. Even if you get rejected.

The point of this thought is that a lot of our inner game and psychology problems happen because we allow them to. Because we don't step up as men, hold ourselves to a higher standard and not give in to the fears, guilts ,and pressures the world sometimes throws our way. In fact it's been argued in books like "Flow" that the only time we are at our happiest and best is when our skills and internal fortitude are being challenged by something we can overcome.

That's the thing with most of these Inner Game issues guys have. They're all in your head. You can approach women, you can get women attracted to you that you NEVER thought would be interested, You can have sex with beautiful women you thought were out of your league quickly. It's just that you have to step up and do it. You have to stop listening to those little voices in the back of your head that tell you "it's scary" or "you'll get embarrassed." If you're reading this newsletter you want to change. So change. Stop being a pussy and take some action that scares you.

{!name} if you're having trouble with stuff like this reply to this email with what you're having problems with and I'll put together a mailbag with some resources on getting past your fears and anxieties. Otherwise, make sure that you try one thing this week that you normally wouldn't do because it intimidates you.

I'll leave you guys today with one of my favorite quotes I've ever heard. It comes from my friend Dave. He said " Confidence = fear plus survival." The more you can SBAP, and do things you're scared of socially, the more confident you become.

So the next time you see a pretty girl you want to meet, and your mind starts giving you every excuse in the world not to approach. Stop being a pussy and go meet the girl.

Wishing you the best you deserve of yourself,



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