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What Will They Say About You At Your Funeral?

Welcome back to the newsletter,

This week I have a special treat for you. It's one of the exercises I have students do on the first day of bootcamps.. I call it The Epitaph. Epitaphs are brief writings in praise of a deceased person. The idea is to think about all the things you want to be remembered for.

I want you to step away from the computer, find a pen, piece of paper and a clock of some sort. Now put 5 minutes of time on the clock and write about how you WANT to be thought of. Ultimately on the day you die. What will the people who knew you remember?

Don't stop writing for the entire 5 minutes jot down every word that comes to mind. This is your time to be creative and really let out all the things you would do if there were no chances of failure.

Here's a few questions if you're having a hard time getting started:

  • Who would you want to be remembered by?

  • How would you want to be remembered?

  • What would you have wanted to be known for?

  • What would you have experienced?

  • What lasting mark would you leave on those that knew you?

  • What was the purpose of your life?

Ok, Now I want you guys to actually do this exercise. So stop reading right here until you finish.

Glad to have you back. Now I want you to do the harder part of this exercise.

Read your epitaph out loud to yourself.

If you're like most people your epitaph didn't read " Lover of porn . Ate lots of pizza and watched lots of TV. " You probably want to be remembered as a man with a vision, a man who lived every day to the fullest and was remembered by the hundreds of women who loved him." Ok maybe that's just how I want mine to read. But the point is good sirs, that most of want to accomplish things before we die, we want to experience the best of as many things as we can.

We ultimately want to live a life worth remembering.

But what do we do on a daily basis? We go about our routine. We get up earlier than we'd like to brave traffic on the way to a job that may not fulfill us. We come home to a life with too few friends and even fewer beautiful women. Why? Because it's comfortable. Because it's what we're used to. Virginia Satir who was one of the Gestalt therapists Neuro Linguistics Programming was based on has a great quote. She said " the most basic human urge is not to survive, it is to do that which is comfortable." So we justify our mediocrity and unhappiness because it's easier than going after what we want and failing. But if you continue to do this, you will not live a life worth remembering.

So take a look at that epitaph you've just written yourself and look at all the qualities you want to be remembered for. Write them out into a list and try to be a little more like that every day. If you want to be really ambitious buy a small notepad and carry it around with you at all times. Record the times you embody the qualities and the times you fail. Next write down the things you want to accomplish. If you want to build your own business, write it down. Learn to dance the tango, on the list. Write down everything you want to do before you die. Finally write down a list of people you want in your life. You don't need to name them specifically, but if you want an awesome girlfriend, or wife, or three awesome "friends with benefits" write it down. Do you want great friends that you go to art exihibits with? Write it down. If you want to get really fancy you can go down to your local arts and crafts store and buy a corkboard, then find some images of the things you want to work for and toward and create a vision board.

Start working every day, towards building a life worth remembering!

This week in Sinns Of Attraction.

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All right guys, that's going to wrap it up. Remember I am a resources so if you have any questions or would like more information on email, phone or live coaching email me at [email protected]




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