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Where to Meet Women

In the movie Coming to America, Prince Akeem Joffer (played Eddie Murphy) takes the plane from his African kingdom to New York to search for the woman he will marry. Accompanied by Semmi (played by Arsenio Hall), they visit every club in Queens, only to meet different women with peculiar personalities. There is devil-worshipper, an orgy addict, a married woman who claims that she’s already single since her husband is in death row and many more. But thanks to the advice of an old barber (also played by Eddie Murphy) Akeem tries his luck in a church meeting where he was able to meet Lisa, a fine, young and wife material woman whom he fell in love with.

Like Akeem, you’ve probably visited all the bars in your city but you still can’t find the woman you want. Then again, there’s always the old barber who reminds you to try different places where you can also find some fine young women. We’re no barbers (and we’re not that old for sure) but allow us to name a few places you can check out.

The gym – In this age where the Krispy Kremes and the Big Macs are just hard to resist, many have been consciously going to gyms to stay fit. Not only do the girls here look pretty, but you know for sure that they take good care of their health and figure. What’s nice about the ladies here is that you get to see them weekly or every other day because of their schedule. Just make sure you don’t just butt in right in the middle of their workout. A good time to chat with them is when they’re brisk walking on the treadmill or using the stationary bike.

The park – Not only does the park have that nice fresh air but its relaxing atmosphere could put the beautiful ladies around at ease when you meet them. If you have a dog, take it to the park for the ladies to see. Hopefully, they’ll talk to you about how adorable your dog is. Brag a little on how you pamper your pet and you can take it from there.

The female clothing store – It’s pretty obvious that you’ll find ladies here but you cannot just barge in there and tell them how gorgeous they are. The trick here is to pretend that you’re shopping for your sister or any female relative. Ask their advice on what they think you should buy. Women enjoy sharing their opinions about these things. Just don’t ask them to try out some clothes for you. Don’t forget that you’re only pretending, so keep things in moderation.

Now that you know where to find the ladies, make sure you arm yourself with the things you need to remember on how to attract them. Visit for free videos on how to approach and How to Get the Woman of your dreams.


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