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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



How to Attract Girls

How to Roll Play Effectively

A great technique to practice when learning How to Attract Girls is roll playing.

Role playing is a great skill, conversationally, to attract girls because it does a couple things at once. The first thing the role playing does is that it assumes a relationship between the two of you. You're making her your space princess, or your girlfriend for the next five minutes, or you're going to take her on a romantic date or shrink down in explore caverns with her. Whatever it is, it's assuming that there is a relationship which is the first step to actually having a relationship ironically enough (and goes a long way in attracting girls). Another thing it does is it gets girls out of the here and now. Instead of thinking: I'm a girl getting hit on by a guy in a bar, she's thinking: Oh, we're like up in space exploring, or we're going on this funny scenario, it's very playful, it's very light. It also allows distance and objectivity for her to act in a different way. Sometimes through role playing you can attract girls very quick, make outs, and sexual frames because when you give a girl a different role, it allows her to act in a different way.

Think about what behavior patterns open up if she's playing in a scenario where we used to date, we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Now I can hold her hands, now I can hug her and tell her to remember the good old days, now I can talk about how our sex life used to be. This stuff goes a long way to attract girls. It allows a lot of different things to happen that the girls look at you very strangely if you just tried to introduce them into normal conversation. It's also fun; it's also something that guys just don't tend to do for the most part. In fact, you'll see in scenes from Sex and the City or really good shows that understand sexual tension, you'll see a lot of role playing between the male and female leads because it is one of the ways that men and women flirt, and men attract girls. So role plays are really important.

Here's an example of a great roll play to attract girls:

"You know, there's something that Sarah didn't tell you, we used to date actually and we would have dated for a really long time except I cheated on her. We were in Majorca and it's not your fault baby, I mean, it wasn't you, the sex was amazing, I loved it when you would bring your sister in, it was really amazing, but I calculated the percentages and in my lifetime the chance of me sleeping with another Spanish chambermaid was like 0.00-percent, so it wasn't you baby, it was the percentages."

Just make up fun, effective roll plays, and they WILL attract girls.

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